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Queen City Flying Service Seaks Crowdfunding Investors

  • Hayden Young
    Hayden Young

    Hayden is the owner of Deadhead Design and a pilot for a major US airline.

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    Queen City Flying Service, which provides aircraft rental and flight training services, joins industry-leading crowdfunding site Wefunder.

    According to the owner, Josh Hunter, Queen City is seeking $250,000 to fund adding additional aircraft to the fleet. "I am hoping to bring to Queen City Flying Service and its clients a second airplane available for rental, one more suited for IFR flying and long-distance trips with friends and family or for business. The Cessna we have now is a fantastic trainer, but it is not a travel machine. I'm hoping to buy a Cessna 182 or Diamond DA-40 or perhaps a Cirrus SR-20.", Josh said.

    Wefunder helps everyone invest in the businesses they love. Speaking on why crowdfunding with Wefunder was right for the company, Josh said "I chose WeFunder because they spearheaded the legalization of crowd-funded investments, democratizing an industry previously reserved for a select few, and I'm always a fan of increasing access to any industry by more people because I think that makes the business more competitive. Competition is at the heart of capitalism, so I believe it's a good thing."

    To invest as little as $100 in Queen City Flying Service, visit their Wefunder pitch here.