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A man in a blue shirt controls a small aircraft in flight.

Private Pilot

This certification is the entry into the world of flying. A Private Pilot can fly a light aircraft, with passengers, day or night, in good weather (known as “Visual Flight Rules”), anywhere in the country and even internationally.

This course requires a minimum of 40 hours of flight training to prepare for the practical test, and formal ground school to prepare for the written test.

Most people need 50 to 60 hours of flying, plus ground training associated with each flight. The course covers basic maneuvers, navigation, radio communications, FAA regulations, aerodynamics, meteorology, aircraft systems, and flight physiology.

Queen City is proud to offer a flight training environment unlike the typical school experience of dingy classrooms, cluttered hangars, and rundown equipment. Our instructors are flight training professionals with real-world experience, not time-builders looking to bail out at the first opportunity. Every client is an individual with specific needs and desires, not a number to be pushed through as quickly as possible.

In lieu of mandating a specific groundschool program, our instructors work with each client to select a training package which best meets the client’s need and learning style. Various providers such as Gleim Aviation, Sporty’s Academy, King Schools, M0A, and others all teach the same information, but offer different styles and formats. The instructor’s first job is to determine which program will most benefit the new pilot.

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